As a new VW dealer serving drivers from Hagerstown to Leesburg, VA, nothing brings us more joy than seeing guests who've shopped with us enjoy their Volkswagen vehicles year after year. However, as reliable as the VW brand is, you'll still need to stop in for service regularly to keep your VW in good shape. Luckily, spring is a great time for car care, and we're here to give you some tips on it at Fitzgerald Volkswagen Frederick.

It's time to change your winter tires!

With no more snow likely in the forecast for the greater Germantown and Gaithersburg, VA area areas, it's a good idea to change over your winter tires. Driving on snow tires all year round isn't advisable because they're made of material that is meant to stay pliant in lower temperatures. As such, they wear out more quickly when the weather is warm. So, it's a good idea to swap to all-season or summer tires in the spring, and we have a great selection of both in our genuine VW parts inventory.

Get your car washed as soon as possible

Between road salt, grit, and debris, your car has probably accumulated all kinds of things over the winter months. So, if you don't want all that buildup to damage your paint or corrode sensitive components in your car's undercarriage, it's a good idea to have your car fully washed and detailed. Don't forget to take out your vehicle's floor mats and give the carpet a good shampooing as well to avoid mildew and odors.

Check your windshield wipers

Low temperatures can harden and crack the rubber on your windshield wipers. So, if you need a fresh set, we're happy to install some for you here at Fitzgerald Volkswagen Frederick

Schedule a checkup for your vehicle today

If your car just isn't running like it used to, the best thing you can do this spring is bring it to us. Feel free to schedule a service appointment with Fitzgerald Volkswagen Frederick to see how we can keep your VW car in top shape.

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