Confidently Handle Winter Drives with the Volkswagen Tiguan

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Winter is coming, and for drivers without a vehicle ready for it, that means unease with their winter commutes. The cold weather and the precipitation it brings makes driving more of a chore for a few months, but it doesn't have to set you back! You can enjoy hassle-free winter driving with the new Volkswagen Tiguan in Frederick. Capable in poor conditions with lots of features keeping you comfortable even on brisk mornings, the new Volkswagen Tiguan is a winter-ready SUV. Read more details below!

What Makes the New Volkswagen Tiguan an SUV Prepared for Winter in Leesburg, VA?

The winter readiness of the new Volkswagen Tiguan near Hagerstown all starts with the engineering. Its engine has the necessary horsepower and torque to power you through the snow while the smart all-wheel drive system helps keep traction over ice and slick surfaces. Other features coming standard range from LED taillights to heated side mirrors, which help other drivers see you and help you see, respectively.

Additionally, our new Volkswagen Tiguan offers near Gaithersburg provide more available features to keep you cozy as the weather outside is frightful. These include heated seats, a heated steering wheel, and heated windshield wiper nozzles, which keep your wipers free of ice. There's also remote start so that you can start the cabin warming up when your car's in the driveway. Plus, the design of the Volkswagen Tiguan has lots of cargo space, which means easy storage of presents for the holiday season or your hockey gear!

Stop by Our Frederick Volkswagen Dealership for More Help with Winter Driving!

So, the new Volkswagen Tiguan has heating for all the essential places and capability for poor driving conditions, but that's not the only way to prepare for winter driving! Our Volkswagen service center near Germantown can prepare your model for the winter season with check-ups and fluid refills for everything from engine oil to washer fluid. Have questions about how to best prepare your vehicle for winter? Come by our dealership to talk with our team today!

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